Stop The Burnout Plans! How to Craft Your Success Mission

Navigating the delicate dance between achievement and well-being can be challenging. Let’s discover your melody and discuss creating a success mission – a strategic approach to achieving your goals or changing your life, without succumbing to burnout. Explore tools like journal prompts and coaching programs to be your guide for crafting and executing your success mission.

The Burnout Epidemic

Research shows that burnout is on the rise, affecting individuals across various professions. The World Health Organization (WHO) now recognizes burnout as a legitimate syndrome, siting that it occurs as a result of “chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed”. Straying from the WHO’s definition to add that “workplace”, in my opinion, can be any place a person works-including the home. I see you stay-at-home or work-from-home folks. I know many of you are burnt out as much as those who are working outside of the home.

The impact of burnout can be quite severe. From inhibiting productivity, a host of mental health issues, declining physical health, and even death. The trick is to find YOUR balance or melody. Then create a well-defined success mission, including a strategic plan to prevent burnout.

Finding Your Balance or Melody

It is crucial to find what works for you. Often people use the word balance as though using a scale. It is VERY unlikely that you will be able to fully balance the scale at 50/50 between the demands of your personal resources and the joys or rejuvenations of life each day. Perhaps we use melody instead. When you consider a melody, you’re going to have high notes and low notes through each day. Usually not an equal amount of each, depending on what the tune demands of that day.

Some days will contain a hectic crescendo, while other days will feel like a definite diminuendo. Then there are the heavenly harmonies. All the pieces and forms have their place. Times when they are useful and times when they are not. When the week or monthly cycle is all put together, it forms a beautiful melody of life. Or a screeching that makes our ears bleed…not to be too hyperbolic. 😉

Creating Your Success Mission

As with anything in life, it really means nothing until you decide what it means to you. So the first step is always to define what you are looking to accomplish and what success in that means to you. Then we move into creating the plan on how to achieve that accomplishment while implementing strategies to ensure you prioritize your well-being.

Mindfulness & Intentional Time Management

Research suggests that practicing mindfulness and intentional time management can significantly reduce stress and improve overall well-being. Awareness as to what may trigger you or feelings of distress is a great starting point. Finding ways to become more aware will help you to make better choices and be more intentional in planning your time effectively.


As discussed earlier, every piece of the music has its place. There are times when a crescendo is exactly what’s needed; while other times a diminuendo. By planning ahead for both events, you can be more intentional about what needs to be done to get your results, planning your melody and finding your harmonies.

Creating & Respecting Your Boundaries

Establishing clear boundaries between work and personal life is crucial for avoiding burnout. Boundaries are like rules. Music and life have rules and limitations. You are the conductor for the orchestra of your life and you get to decide what the rules are, who has to abide by them, and when. Conductors are not very effective if they let everyone do whatever they want whenever they want. It’s up to you to let your orchestra know what you expect and what you will and will not tolerate. If you waffle on this, you will send mixed messages. Your performance and melody will be strained. Luckily, it can always be refined and updated.

Prompts for Your Success Mission

Sometimes the melody flows easily while often we need to plan then tweak it as we go along. Not only is everyone’s melody different, but it can change from season to season or cycle to cycle. To help you find your melody, approach these prompts while reflecting on the joy and demands in your life right now.

Imagine yourself one year from now, thriving from having consistently worked your success mission.

  • What have I accomplished?
  • What does success mean to me?
  • Why is it important?
  • What steps can I take this week towards that vision?

Keeping that vision in mind and looking at life’s other demands of you…

  • What are my top priorities right now? (Your well-being must be on this list).
  • Do the actions/activities I need to take to meet my definition of success reflect those priorities?
  • Where might be some adjustments to better align with those priorities?
  • When will the hectic crescendos be best implemented and for how long?
  • Where will the harmonies and diminuendos better compliment this plan?

  • What are your current and potential low notes?
  • What are your current and potential high notes?

  • What is one teeny-tiny thing you can intentionally do each day, no matter what, to refresh your soul?
  • What boundaries are necessary to protect your time and energy?

  • Who do these boundaries apply to?
  • How will you implement these boundaries?

How Moonshot Club Can Help

At Moonshot Club, we understand how difficult creating a success mission is, not to mention the challenges of keeping on task, maintaining those boundaries, and overcoming barriers and obstacles that inevitably come our way. That’s why Moonshot Club’s coaching program is a dedicated partner on this journey. Designed to empower you to achieve your goals while finding the harmonies that life has to give you. The flexibilities of the program allow you to work on your own when you wish and to get customized planning and coaching when you want it. By working with a coach you gain valuable insights, develop effective strategies, and stay accountable towards your goals. The community is here to support you through every step of the way. We use the ancient moon cycles to ensure we have the crescendos and diminuendos with individualized support through the ongoing process. If you’re ready to prioritize your well being and optimize your productivity towards your success mission, join Moonshot Club.

Learn more about Moonshot Club

Incorporating these prompts into your routine can give you insights into your own motivations and habits. Additionally, enrolling into a coaching program can propel you forward and find your harmonies like nothing else. Whatever path you choose, crafting your unique success mission that helps you prioritize your wellness will lead to a sustainable and fulfilling melody on your way to success.

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